on the way out, the trip took us through five states...this part is one of my favorites...feeling like you can see forever...letting the car coast down the mountain...breathing in the beauty that is all around you...maybe it's because now i am a parent myself, but for the first time, i found myself wondering how my parents let the twenty year old me make this ten hour trip...alone...without a cell phone...more than once or twice... hoping one day i will have that kind of faith to let go and know that all will be well and feeling so, so glad they did.

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  1. Agree with the parenthood worries. Did you actually ask your parents once how did they sleep while you were on the road? I guess not so well, huh? I'm myself still all upside down whenever I leave my son in the kindergarten..and it's a completely good place. No idea what will I do when he needs to go to the army...
    But...have to say that with the second kid things get kind of easier.
    where is that photo taken?


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