favorite things that i never wear...i have...probably too many...kept there for an occasion or better yet, worn in my head all the time when i picture what i think i would be wearing...but for one (usually self-conscious) reason or another, they don't make it out of the closet...except when i am having one of those days where i feel like going through...looking...trying on...maybe clearing out a little too...earlier this week on a somewhat grey afternoon, i had one of those days...for the first time though, my little girl was watching...when i put on this super soft (and very orange) lightweight vintage wool coat that has hung unworn for a few years now...she said "ooohhh" and "wow" and "ooohhh" again...with a reaction like that how could i  resist...even with nowhere special to go.


  1. How sweet-it's amazing how a little one can inspire a mama!

  2. such a pretty coat. you should disregard your excuses and pull out more of those dusty pieces from the back of your closet. i wanna see what else you have stashed!


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