wondering....is it better to respond to comments with a comment or with an email? i used to think an email since one of my favorite bloggers responds that way, but sometimes there is no associated email with a comment...so now i am thinking to respond with a comment, but does anyone go back and check the comments for a response? personally, i am not good at doing that, but it might just be me...wondering what you think...thanks so much...because i really do like your comments : )


  1. I've been wondering the same thing! I usually respond in my comments- it seems like other blogs I comment on do it that way. But, it does seem more personal with an email.

  2. thanks, Angie!! okay, i'll try to respond with a comment...we'll see how i do...let me know if you read this :)

  3. Got it, sorry it took so long :)


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