meet aleggandria...who, for the past two plus decades, has been living quietly tucked away inside a bin marked "elementary school, high school and college", along with my rubber madonna style bracelets & cross necklaces, my retainer & a swatch watch, my high school track medals & old love letters sent by my future husband...all things that at some point or another i felt were very important and should be saved.   did i mention she was in perfect condition?

in 8th grade i, along with my assigned husband troy, had to care for her for a week or two or maybe even longer, i can't remember,  we had to carry her everywhere, documenting her travels and hoping she did not break...she survived and got us an A...teaching us a lesson in responsibility and teamwork...

when the project was over, i couldn't bear to crack her, so my mom helped me blow out the yolk to preserve her...forever....

until last week, when we decided to rummage through some bins and my light saber wielding six year old accidentally knocked her loop...my first reaction as she flew through the air was to yell about how long i have had her and about being more careful, blah, blah, blah...and then i saw the look on his face...and aleggandria taught me another lesson...of letting go and that one way or another, eggs are meant to be broken.

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