a tiny little cabin with christmas lights in july, not so far from the little city in the mountains + new pajamas too pretty to wear at home with a little bit of morning sun...part one of our summer 2015 road trip, asheville, north carolina.


i love the way she sits with her legs crossed....i love the scuffs on her toes...i love that thanks to frozen she now loves blue...i love these yellow shoes and i'm sad to see them go.


now that you seem to almost be gone, i guess i can tell you that you were kind of fun to have around this year, winter...with all your snow that seemed to fall heavy every week and last forever...with all the school vacation days that got taken back to make up for snow days...with all the shoveling and even with the fear that we would never see our grass again...yes, winter, you were kind of fun to have around this year...and beautiful too...winter 2015.


we watched in awe and felt the heat on our faces and quickly walked under the glowing ash as it fell to the ground taking care not to catch any on our winter hats...christmas tree bonfire, mid-january 2015